Skype Calls Up Jaman

Do your Skype calls need a little kung fu? Then you’re in luck, as indie movie site Jaman is entering into a new deal that will let Skype users insert film clips into their conversations to share with friends. It’s no big surprise that Jaman landed this sweet little bit of promotion — Faisal Galaria, Jaman’s general manager and vice president of corporate development, was previously director of Europe at Skype.

The new service will be available on Skype over the coming months. Jaman will offer bits from its library of independent films from all over the globe, including Bollywood films, action films, cult classics and documentaries. The company also just unveiled two new content partnerships: One with Magnolia, for films such as The Host and The Smartest Guys in the Room; the other with First Look Studio, for films including The Contract and Mayor of Sunset Strip.