What Apple’s Rumored Tablet Should Look Like

These photos are taken from the TED blog. Yves Behar, the designer for the XO Laptop discusses what V 2.0 will look like. The new XO laptop, set to arrive in 2010, looks like two giant iPhones glued side-by-side. An all-touchscreen interface, with accelerometers to orient the screen to the correct perspective, and Pong make this look like a must-have, not to mention a way better design than the current XO laptop.

I suggest Apple rip this design out from under them and throw some sweet OS X goodness on there.

Behar says this second version of the XOXO “is a book, a tablet, a board…and yes, a laptop too if that is what you need. The design is still green and white, but thin, simple, and un-interrupted by keyboards, buttons, speaker holes, input devices and visible connectors. And it is soft to the touch, like a piece of luggage, everyday luggage you can take anywhere.”

[Via TEDBlog]