FlexPaths: Support for Flexible Working

ScreenshotThere’s not a 100% overlap between web work and flexible work, but certainly many of us are in both worlds. The folks at FlexPaths want to help people who are interested in flexible work: telecommuting, working fewer days per week, spending more time out of the office, slowing down the career path, and so on. Though their site is young (and some parts are apparently still to be hooked up), they have some promising content already. Especially useful for those who want to try flexible work is their 5-step guide to negotiating with your employer, complete with good information on how to prepare and sell a flex proposal.

What’s in it for them? They also sell an application named FlexPaths, which is designed to be an internal HR, employee, and executive tool to help larger organizations manage flexible workers. If you’re interested from the employer side, you can get a guided demo or more info through that link.