I need Vista, I like OS X

Ms_logoApple_logoWe cover a lot of different products here, hardware such as devices, gadgets and the like, and software that runs on that hardware.  We write a lot about both Microsoft and Apple products because that’s what we use every day. The recent coverage of my latest MacBook Pro problem produced reactions from some that I am seeing more and more and it tweaked my thinking process into writing this post.

Some folks think that I am unfairly bashing Microsoft Vista a lot yet holding back when I cover my Mac problems.  They think I should bash Apple loudly and clearly for these problems because I don’t hesitate to bash Microsoft about problems I have with Vista.  I can see where these folks are coming from and this is important to me as I view objectivity as a critical component of what I do.  After thinking long and hard about this I agree I have been a regular critic of Microsoft Vista and I know that gets under some folk’s skin.  I can tell you with absolute sincerity that if OS X caused me the same continual aggravations that Vista causes me daily I would be screaming loud and clear about it but frankly that’s just not the case.

Even with these problems I’ve experienced with the MacBook Pro it’s important to understand that they are hardware problems, not OS problems.  This is a key difference and why I treat them differently.  I have experienced hardware problems with different devices in the past as have many of you and the truth is sometimes things just break.  I’m not making excuses for Apple here, sure I wish I wasn’t having these problems but I understand that RAM or hard drives go bad sometimes.  These are common components that are used by many different OEMs in their products and it would be unrealistic of me to blame Apple for these failures.  Again, sure I wish all my hardware worked perfectly all the time but sometimes stuff happens.  The key thing here is I feel pretty confident that eventually Apple will make everything right and this will be history.  That’s pretty much their track record with this stuff and I have no reason to believe this will be any different.

The situation with Vista is quite a different matter because it is the operating system that is running most of the computers I use.  It is running four computers in my office right now and I depend on it to get work done.  I don’t blame Microsoft when I have hardware problems because they don’t make hardware and it would be silly to do so.  But I do blame them quite fairly when the OS doesn’t do what I need it to do especially when I believe it is something that it should do properly  My heavy usage of Vista-running PCs exposes me to a lot of situations when Vista drives me crazy.  I’m not going to get into specifics here because that’s not the purpose of this article but it is a hard, cold fact that every single day something happens on one of my PCs that makes me angry at Vista.  That’s a terrible thing to say about any product but it’s absolutely true.  At least once a day I end up saying "I hate Vista" because I’m trying to do something and Vista gets in my way to get it done.

That’s not Vista bashing friends, that is the absolute truth.  Believe me, if OS X was constantly giving me the same problems as Vista I would have stopped using it altogether by now because the truth is I don’t need it to get my work done like I do Vista.  That’s another reason why Vista makes me so angry, I need it to get my work done and it is constantly getting in my way to do so. Now it’s important to understand that all of the computers I use are mobile PCs of one type or another.  These types of computers have different usage patterns than desktop computers and they can tax the OS in different ways than fixed computers can.  But I feel strongly that the OS should be able to handle these mobile computers and in fact Microsoft touted for a long time prior to Vista’s launch that mobile computing would be much better than in prior products.  This just ain’t so, my friends.  All you have to do is look around the web where mobile PC users hang out and see countless complaints that Vista is causing one problem or another.  That’s not just me talking, that is many, many Vista users talking.  It is a fact that I will not ignore because I want better and the only way to get better is to make it known what I want.  If that is Vista bashing then so be it.  I have never been one to just settle and I’m not going to start now, even if it makes some folks mad.