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Vinod Khosla vs. WSJ – Biofuel Battle: In an interview last week Vinod Khosla said Big Oil was helping run a smear campaign against biofuels. WSJ took offense, calling Khosla on the claim. Strong words were exchanged – VentureBeat.

NorCal Signs on for $520M of Geothermal Power: Northern California Power Agency has signed a 20 year power purchase agreement with Western GeoPower to deliver 265,000 megawatts per year of geothermal power from the the Geysers Geothermal Field in Northern California – Cleantech Media.

Honda Reveals Details on New Hybrids: Honda says it is looking to reduce the cost of its Integrated Motor Assist system to create the most affordable hybrid to date – Green Car Congress.

Google Talking to Israeli Geothermal Company: While Sergey Brin was visiting Israel he praised Israeli geothermal firm Ormat. Brin and Larry Page visited an Ormat facility in Nevada as well but haven’t said yet if a deal is forthcoming – Haaretz via CNET.

Bush Vetoes Farm Bill: Unsurprisingly, President Bush exercised his tenth veto and sent the Farm Bill, with its hefty provisions and subsidies for biofuels, back to Congress. The House has already voted to override the veto and the Senate is expected to do the same – New York Times.