Big battery problem in Mobile Tech Manor

Mobile_tech_manor_large_2One thing for certain one of the most important things for successful mobile gear operation is the battery.  No battery, no mobile in the gear.  Last night, after a delightful session recording the latest MobileTechRoundup podcast with Matt and Kevin, I went out to move my car into the garage, only to discover that the car’s battery was totally dead.  No crank, no juice, nada.  That seems to be the case with car batteries these days, no warning, one crank it works and then it never does again.  I just bought the car last year so this battery is probably pretty old and I’m not surprised it needed replacing, it’s just that the timing was a little bad given it was late in the evening. 

So what’s a geek to do when confronted with this situation?  Why in the US that’s an easy answer and at 10 pm last night I was in the local Walmart where I found the replacement battery I needed.  Now my car is a 2001 Volvo C70 convertible so it wasn’t a given that Wally World would have one in stock but they did and $70 later I walked out with the battery in tow.  I waited until this morning to swap it in so I’d have good light and in 5 minutes my Volvo was cranking once again.  I did have a scary moment after putting in the new battery as the car’s radio system has an anti-theft system that requires a code to be entered after a battery disconnect.  The radio won’t play again until the proper factory code is entered after the disconnect and I had a brief moment of panic since I didn’t know the code.  Fortunately the previous owner had hand written what looked like a code in the owner’s manual and sure enough it worked and my convertible is now cranking, both battery and tunes.  I may be mistaken but I believe that only in America can you get such an odd replacement battery at 10 pm at night in the local Walmart.  I am truly mobile again, at least when I’m not waiting for the replacement Verizon modem which requires my signature.  🙂