This August, Get Up & Mobilize

So far, the promise of the mobile web has been just that — a promise. Despite big plans and grand visions, the untethered Internet has eluded us all, largely due to the slower-than-predicted rollout of 3G wireless technologies. But just like the world of wireless, that is all set to change, as many wireless industry insiders believe that 4G Wireless (also known as LTE or WiMAX) might arrive faster than expected.

Indeed, with the recent convergences in design, user experience, handset technology, and location and wireless network technology, the promise of the mobile web is finally about to be unleashed. Faster network speeds are powering devices with bigger screens, newer interfaces and an emphasis on delivering a new kind of wireless Internet experience. The standard operating systems — RIM’s Blackberry, Apple, Google Android, LiMo, Windows Mobile & Symbian — are opening up opportunities for new applications and new ideas. It’s hard not to get excited about the possibilities. In order to understand the implications of all this, we’re planning a new conference in August 2008: Mobilize.

Mobilize will be a one-day conference that brings together the thought leaders and practioners of what is essentially the mobile web. Through talks, demonstrations and debate we hope to get a better sense of the future and at the same time define opportunities for both entrepreneurs and those looking to back them.

Stay tuned for details on the schedule, location and speakers. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in speaking at the conference, email [email protected]. For sponsorship details, email [email protected].