Earth2Tech Week in Review

Another week, another set of big cleantech deals. Mucho dinero could be moving soon from Spanish Iberdrola to American renewable energy projects to the tune of $8 billion. On a smaller scale, a number of cleantech startups have gotten funds and been making deals too. In case you missed any of the news, big or small, we’ve gathered the important headlines together for your here.

Garbage Will Lead the Biofuel Revolution: New concerns arose this week when scientists warned that second generation biofuel feedstocks, like switchgrass and jatropha, could be invasive if not properly managed. Perhaps the real answer to biofuel woes is garbage as a feedstock.

5 Energy Monitoring Startups to Help You Cut Home Power: You wouldn’t drive a car without a dashboard, right? So why pay to heat and light your home if you don’t know where all that energy is going? Check out these startups who are making energy dashboards for your house.

How to Eco-Pimp Your Prius With a Plug: It will be a few years before you can easily by a plug-in hybrid off the lot. But if you’ve got a Prius now you can pay to have one of these companies pimp it out with a plug.

SunEdison + Duke = Largest Solar PV Farm: Duke has signed on to buy all the power from a proposed 21.5 MW photovoltaic farm SunEdison is planning for Davidson County, S.C. When completed, they say it will be the largest PV farm in the country.

What’s Up With Former Imperium CEO Martin Tobias?: We caught up with the serial entrepreneur Martin Tobias who, aside from surfing a lot, says: “I still have another company in me.”