Around The World DSL Speeds (& Prices) Go Up

DSL Speeds and prices around the world went up 4.7% and 9.3% during the first quarter of 2008, according to Point Topic, a consulting firm that tracks broadband tariffs around the planet. The average price for a residential DSL connection at the end of Q1 2008 was $61.36 a month, while the speed was 6.52 Mbps. The Business DSL connections cost $227 a month for a speed of 4.13 Mbps.

The big change came as a result of big boosts provides by Latin American carriers, who boosted residential speeds by 36% to 2.74 Mbps. Telecom Argentina and Telefonica del Peru were two carriers that boosted speeds. In comparison, the prices for FTTx and cable tariffs have not changed much.

Average entry level broadband service tariff (PPP rates)