Driving While TXTin (DWT) Is Stupid

I get very nervous when I ride shotgun with people who decide to read their Blackberry or send text messages when driving. It is an inherently stupid and dumb thing to do, considering that not only it puts their own well being at risk, it raises dangers for everyone on the around. There have be an increase in number of the accidents as a result of the DWT (Driving while TXTing)

Apparently there are many such people out there. A survey by Common Knowledge Research Services on behalf of Vlingo, polled 5,000 people about their text messaging habits. The study found that nearly 28% people send text messages while driving. The drivers in South Carolina (word), Tennessee, Georgia, Maryland and Louisiana are the worst offenders. Arizona has the lowest incidence of DWT, the survey reports.

I wonder if this is a more dangerous trend than simply talking on the cell phone while driving, and needs to be legislated as soon as possible. Twenty three US states are considering legislation to ban driving while texting. They should do it soon. The survey shows that 85% of those who were texting while driving say they won’t DWT if it was illegal. To them: you don’t need a law to not be stupid.

Some other interesting facts from the survey:

* 55% consumers use their mobile phones to text message.
* 42% use their mobile phones equally or more for texting than making phones calls.
* 85% of teens (ages 13-19) and young adults (ages 20-29) are the most inclined to txt.
* 34% send 500 or more texts each month.