GigaNET Headlines: Weekend Edition

Meet Refresh The Net, an accompanying blog for our conference Structure’08. The mini-blog is going to feature thoughts from some of the speakers and attendees at the conference, and why they believe that the Internet infrastructure should be rethought. We hope to offer these articles and our own work on cloud computing as a PDF download on the day of the conference. We already have three excellent articles that are worth your time this weekend.

Also check out these posts from rest of our network.

  • WebWorkerDaily: The Perfect Productivity System.
  • Earth2Tech: Major League Solar: Baseball Goes Green.
  • OStatic: Phoenix Mars Lander, a victory for Open Source software.
  • NewTeeVee: Google thinks YouTube is all about Paris Hilton.
  • NewTeeVee: What’s hot on BitTorrent? Check out the NTV weekly report, thanks to data from Big Champagne.