Qwika Indexes the Long Tail of Wikis

ScreenshotThough the major search engines do a good job of crawling the Internet as a whole, there’s still plenty of room for specialized search products. Qwika is trying to be the place to go when you want to search user-generated content – specifically, the content of major wikis. Much of their content (almost 22 million articles at the moment) comes from Wikipedia, where they not only index the English version but many of the foreign-language versions as well. Even better, if you get a hit from French or Spanish or Dutch Wikipedia (and so on), you can access a machine-generated translation directly from the search results.

All told, Qwika is crawling over 1100 wikis, including a bunch from Wikia. One caution: this leads to the occasional quality-control issue when they pick up content from places like Uncyclopedia. But if the big search engines fail you, Qwika is worth a try.