Skyfire Raises $13 Million To Roll-Out Mobile Browser

imageDespite the fact that Mountain View, Calif.-based Skyfire has built a mobile browser only for the Windows Mobile platform and is limited to a private beta, it has attracted $13 million to expand it to new phones and more geographies. Skyfire said the second round of funding was led by LightSpeed Ventures with first-round investors Trinity and Matrix also participating. The browser sounds like it has all of the bells and whistles a mobile phone user wants, but because it’s only in private beta, it’s hard to really know. On paper, what the company is claiming, sounds really good. It said the browser includes support for Java, Flash and Ajax, meaning sites like YouTube, Facebook render perfectly, and don’t result in errors or crashes. It also looks perfect in a video filmed at DEMO in January (See below.), where the company’s founders Nitin Bhandari and Erik Swenson unveiled the company and launched its browser in private beta. The company has now raised $17.8 million in venture capital to date. Of course, Skyfire isn’t the first company to tackle this problem. It’s entering a very fragmented market that also includes companies such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, the Opera Mini, and even Apple’s Safari browser. None of them are without their faults, including the popular iPhone browser, which doesn’t support Flash.