Help Pick Movies for a Film Festival

Ever go to a film festival and think, “Phsaw. I can pick better movies than that.” Well, now you’ll get that chance, as IndieFlix has launched MyFestival, a place where you, the viewer can stream full movies in contention and vote for which one gets into a festival. TechCrunch writes that the program is starting with the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF), which is going on right now.

Head over to MyFestival where you can watch 10 features and 10 shorts online (GridNetworks powers the streaming). Pick your favorite and the winner will debut on the last night of the fest.

Having programmed a film festival myself, it’s interesting to see a high-profile one like SIFF adopt this strategy. Festivals are getting increasingly competitive when it comes to getting premieres and are still figuring out whether to qualify films that are already on the Internet.

Of course, if any of these 20 films being screened online were really good, they’d have already been picked by the fest, so audiences are most likely choosing from movies that were on the edge of being accepted. To be fair, I haven’t seen any of the films being streamed, and it looks like one got picked up for distribution. But there is MyFestival’s conundrum — it wants to get more people involved with indie films, but the films it is making available aren’t “must-haves” for the festival, so audiences are watching films that aren’t as good, which could ruin their indie film experience.