Windows 7 does multi-touch- been there, done that

Yesterday Microsoft showed a few things about the next generation operating system, Windows 7.  First up they showed they can’t keep their self-imposed silence about it and just had to show a little of the forthcoming innovation in Windows 7.  This apparently means predominantly multi-touch, the ability to make things happen with two or more fingers on the screen.  They showed how to manipulate photos by touch, zooming and unzooming, dragging them around, and the like.  Then they showed another big use for multi-touch, moving around an on-screen map with two fingers.  Both of these are brand new uses for multi-touch, oh wait, we actually have seen this before by Apple.  Millions of iPhone and iPod Touch users today are doing those exact same functions with two fingers.  This harks back to why I don’t think that multi-touch will be the Next Big Thing (NBT) in Windows 7.  Been there, done that.