Mission Why Bother: Tom Cruise Promises To Blog — Or Will The Site Just Self-Destruct?

Okay, stop jumping up and down on the couch. This is important: actor Tom Cruise is celebrating 25 years since his first starring movie role with a new website, TomCruise.com. And he is promising to blog about life on the set. Rather than being known for his films, lately the three-time Academy Award nominee has been better known for his couch-hopping activity on Oprah, his war of words with Brooke Shields over anti-depressants and his bizarre Scientology video (“It’s rough and tumble, it’s wild and woolly…”). USA Today highlights Cruise’s blog promise. On his site, Cruise states he wants to “bring you in and share with you the fun I experience every day during the filmmaking process, from working with the script, to the making of the film through to what we finally see when we settle in our seats and the lights go down.” Still, it’s hard to imagine Cruise blogging about Ben Stiller’s wacky antics on the set of the forthcoming Tropic Thunder. And it’s even less likely that this website will allow him to bypass the usual entertainment media outlets and provide the image makeover the star so desperately needs.