Free WiFi at Starbucks pours on Tuesday, foam is extra

StarbuckslogoThe free WiFi plan for Starbucks customers has been brewing since February and it sounds like it’s just about ready for consumption. Dave Zatz got an early confirmation that the wireless connectivity starts flowing for free on Tuesday, June 3rd:

“the system was configured a few days ago and they’ve confirmed it works. I saw the back of the store memo and the manager says they’ve got signage behind the counter ready to go in conjunction with the June 3rd launch.”

In essence, it’s technically not free because you do need to register and use a Starbucks pre-paid card at least once in a given month. Once you do however, you’ve got two consecutive hours of WiFi usage a day, just enough time to down a latte and surf the web. I’m assuming that all stores will offer the service in one fell swoop as Starbucks and AT&T have had a few months to get the infrastructure ready nationwide. I think I’ll make a run on Tuesday and find out.If you’re not a pre-paid Starbucks card kind of person, you’ll be able to get the same two hours of WiFi for $3.99. Remember that AT&T Laptop Connect customers as well as AT&T DSL subscribers already benefit from unlimited WiFi at Starbucks.