Windows Mobile 7 to combat Linux in the MID, small notebook markets?

Qualcommanchoragehandsonces200800smMaybe those calls for “Vista light” on UMPCs and MIDs are getting answered with Windows Mobile 7. While you could use a Celio REDFLY paired to a Windows Mobile phone for a similar experience now, Qualcomm is already showing off a portable device on Engadget Mobile to exemplify the potential here. In fact, SVP Luis Pinada alluded to that just today: “Microsoft Windows Mobile 7, which is made for chips used in mobile phones, will be more laptop friendly than older versions of Windows Mobile”.Hmm… laptop-friendly could mean phones and laptops playing nicely when synchronizing, but I don’t think so. As a chipset manufacturer that’s ready to jump into the MID market with their Snapdragon processor, I think they’re foreshadowing Windows Mobile 7 as a lighter OS to compete with Linux in small notebooks and MIDs. With XP going away to some extent and the higher powered requirements of Vista, WinMo 7 could come in and save the day here.If you’ve missed out on what Snapdragon will bring, it’s eerily similar to the NVIDIA Tegra chips we mentioned earlier this morning, although Qualcomm surely has a leg up in the connectivity area. It’s their core competency. You know, I was thinking about skipping this coming year’s CES, but now I think I’ll be going for sure. Between the Atom, Tegra, and Snapdragon CPUs, I don’t expect the dearth of UMPCs and MIDs that this past year’s show had.