E-tailing Meets mCommerce

For those of you helping make eBay on of the most frequently visited web sites on mobile phones, the news that retailers need to pay attention to mobile shopping should come as no surprise. I haven’t actually purchased anything from a retailer from my mobile, but according to a survey out today from Cisco, I will soon.

While less than half of online retailers currently have a mobile optimized site and only 15 percent allow folks to purchase things using their mobile, Cisco points out that there are more mobile Internet users than those sitting at a desktop. Additionally, Gen Y is already using phones (especially those with intuitive user interfaces) to buy gifts, download movies and even bid on auctions.

Startups such as Digby, Unwired Buyer and mPoria are taking advantage of this and Cisco says retailers of all stripes should follow suit. Personally, I’d like better mobile e-tailing sites, if for no other reason that to be able to check what Amazon is charging for an item when I’m in a bricks-and-mortar store.