WORKetc Offers an End to Single Purpose Web Apps

worketc logoDepending upon your business, you may use a multitude of web services to keep things running smoothly. One for invoicing, another for project management, yet another for time tracking, contacts, support, etc… Even if you can get them to integrate at some level, managing all of your information in multiple apps can be a challenge.

Wouldn’t it be grand to have everything in one place? The folks at WORKetc think so, and with a signifcant upgrade to their Veetro service, they are making the declaration that “Single Purpose Web Apps Are Dead!

It’s a bold claim and while I don’t necessarily believe that to be the case, there is a compelling argument to be made for consolidating everything into one place, including a consistent look and feel, reduced training times, and cost consolidation.

As mentioned, WORKetc is an upgrade and refresh of an existing service called Veetro, and along with the name change comes a significant interface update. I recall evaluating Veetro in the past and finding the interface lacking, but this new version 2.0 brightens things up considerably and adds improved navigation and lots of obligatory AJAX to make things easier to use.

WORKetc Menu

WORKetc does take an everything but the kitchen sink approach to this suite, integrating time sheets, project management, billing, help desk, task management, CRM, and more all together into one application. The fear with this sort of approach is that the individual apps might not stand up to their standalone counterparts but I certainly didn’t feel that I was using a “lite” version of anything. Features vary even in standalones and in most instances I found that the individual WORKetc apps are really quite feature rich.

In working with the app for even a short time, the advantages of consolidation become apparent. Time and tasks are logged against clients and projects, and are automatically figured when billing time comes along. In fact, the linking of just about any activity to another works really well and provides for amazing flexibility.

Screens are clear and information is presented well.  Tags are everywhere for easy categorizing and the dashboard and reporting options are plentiful and provide some insight into all of the data you are collecting.

img worketc proj

The service can be opened up to your clients who can be given access to log support tickets and check on their invoices, but a glaring omission is their inability for them to interface with the project management portion of the app. This is a real shame and I imagine it might be a deal breaker for some – unfortunately it is for me.  It was mentioned to me that this is a planned feature but no time line was given.

I found the online help to be good, albeit a bit sparse, but my support request was answered almost immediately.

Version 2.0 is light years ahead of Veetro in usability and overall I am really impressed with the breadth of functionality that is built into WORKetc.. If you’re starting from scratch I would certainly glance over the tour and features.   I think with just a little more polish, and a client facing Project Management module, it really might be a contender to replace the standalone apps for a lot of small businesses. I’ll certainly be watching it closely.

Monthly subscriptions start at $29.95 for a single employee, $44.95 for two employees, and $10 additional for each employee above the first two. There is no free trial available but there is a 14 day guarantee if you subscribe and the product doesn’t meet your needs.  More information can be found on their sign up page.

Would you give up your standalone for an integrated suite? Are single purpose web apps really dead?