June 5: What’s Interesting Today:

  • Mark Cuban has an exact opposite view of Tiered Broadband than mine. What can I say… I state my case here.
  • TeliaSonera To France Telecom: You want to buy us for $41 billion? Talk to the hand, mon ami!
  • “Going green” means new kind of chips and better chip design. Seriously, as one of my editors said: Everything starts and ends with silicon.
  • MegaFon, Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) and VimpelCom — three wireless majors in Russia — are going to roll out WCDMA and WCDMA-HSPA (aka 3G) networks later this year, according to GSMA Mobile World Congress’s Wireless Intelligence Report. Russia is the fourth largest mobile market behind China, India, and the United States. Wow, how quickly the world of wireless changes.
  • Fiber to the home is helping Minneapolis, Minn.-based network equipment maker ADC Communciations overcome its recent setbacks. The company reported blockbuster sales and profits for second quarter 2008, and CEO Robert Switz said things will get better. “Our customers are investing in the infrastructure that delivers broadband services to business, residential and mobile subscribers,” he said.
  • Small carriers are banding together and asking the FCC to block Qwest price hikes. I have written about this forbearance folly before, so you know how I feel about it.
  • 6 reasons why you shouldn’t be a web worker. Oh man… I can think of one reason for being a web worker: working at home 😉
  • Newteevee slowly gaining on oldteevee. I am not surprised.