WWDC: Apple distributes mysterious boxes; 3G iPhone?

As the WWDC gets closer they hype surrounding this event continues to build. Nearly everyone that has been following the news leading up to the WWDC expects Apple CEO Steve Jobs to announce the iPhone App Store and iPhone 2.0 software, not to mention the 3G iPhone. Rumors have been flying about the mysterious boxes that Apple is reportedly delivering to Apple partners and resellers worldwide.

In May hype surrounding the possibility of a 3G Phone went into overdrive. ImportGenius, an import tracking service, uncovered shipping records on Apple showing that Apple and its partners were secretly delivering shipments of an unknown device into ports on both coasts. Import Genius also discovered that shipments weighing between 3,700 and 6,500 kilograms finished at a Quanta distribution center in Fremont, California.

Fast forward to the present, right before the WWDC activity at Quanta computer has increased. Forbes reported that this Wednesday four truckloads of these mysterious packages left the center. The packages were brown, and unmarked, and the staff refused to discuss its contents.

Whatever is in those boxes it has the Quanta employees working overtime. Forbes went on to say that on the outside of the facility boxes were piled high, some of them were labeled iMac and “were stacked ten deep alongside 20 pallets of identical unmarked boxes roughly stacked ten deep and four abreast.”

Many believe if Apple is going to release the next generation iPhone next week than the packages most likely contain that device since Apple would have to ship them out in advance to its partners and resellers.

Of course, these boxes could contain a variety of Apple products such as; new notebook computers or a new product like the Mac tablet that I’ve been hoping for. However, I don’t think I’ll be getting that any time soon. This all might be a huge coincidence; however, similar news has broken in Australia. Apple has shipped boxes to resellers with stickers telling them not to open the box until June 10 or they’ll risk breaking the non-disclosure agreement. With a message l imagine some might be tempted to open the box.

Although I won’t be able to make the WWDC event I plan to tuning in via live streaming. The great news is we don’t have too much longer to wait before WWDC is in full swing, until then the hype and excitement surrounding the event will continue to soar only to be released once WWDC kicks off.