Tidy up your Mac desktop with DragThing 5.9.3

DragThing logo.jpgIf you’re experiencing desktop clutter on your Mac, like myself, you might want to check out Drag Thing. On June 4, 2008 they updated DragThing to 5.9.3. I really like this application since it helps me remove the clutter from my desktop. yes I admit it at times I can be a virtual packrat, and you’ll see all sorts of things cluttering my desktop.

DragThing 5.9.3.jpg

I took this screenshot a few moments ago. As you can see I’m able to store all my text and image files in one place. That’s very convenient. I use the some of the same pictures throughout the week DragThing stores my clippings and let me paste them into other applications simply by clicking.

DragThing makes it so that all my documents, folders, applications, and urls are a single click away. Need more than one dock? No problem, DragThing has you covered. To add another dock click on Drag Thing, Dock options, in the lower right hand corner you have the option to create another dock. I also like the fact that I can customize my docks to meet my needs.

Hot keys are a great feature in this application DragThing allows you to define a large variety of them. You can use them in a variety of ways. I really like the fact that there are numerous ways that I can use them. I can use them to open items in my multiple docks I can also use them switch between other applications on my Mac and I can even control its visibility.

DragThing is a little over seven and a half megabytes and includes English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese language support as standard.

If you are already a DragThing user and are have updated or are getting ready to update your copy just know that the Desktop Trash will o longer appear in all spaces by default. In order to the application to appear in all of them you need to set it to appear in all Space. This can be done in the “Exposé & Spaces” section of System Preferences.