Lenovo X200: a new skinny Tablet PC coming soon?


Enamored by the Lenovo X300, but craving Tablet PC features? How does the X200 sound? Engadget gathered some details on the upcoming X200 line from Lenovo and eagle-eyed jkOTR reader, Jalapeno, spotted an interesting tidbit. He told me to look in the "Managability" section of the Lenovo materials and what did I see? An UltraBase dock reference indicating that the accessory is common to the "X200, X200s and X200 Tablet".  Unless this is a typo, it  spells it out right there, no?

If correct, that means there’s a new, thin Tablet PC option coming to town. Not X300 thin, but not bad at .81" to 1.21" inches thin. Looks like a 12-inch WXGA device that weighs 2.94 pounds with the 4-cell battery included. That power pack is expected to last around 4 hours, while an optional 6- or 9-cell battery will get you an around 7- or 9 hours. I’m already thinking that Tablet users will have to judge between weight and battery life, not to mention the egronmics of a large battery sticking out.

The X200 won’t be a lightweight in the performance department: look for a up to a 2.4 GHz Centrino 2 from Intel on the inside along with SSD, just like the X300. WiMAX and GPS will be available options as well… sounds like it’s going to be a pretty penny. We’ll have to wait for official confirmation on the Tablet PC aspect, but the X200 series itself is clearly real. Thanks for the tip, Jalapeno!