NewTeeVee Spins Off NewTeeVee Station

I haven’t meant to neglect NewTeeVee lately, I swear. But I have a very good excuse (and a newfound regard for product managers and PR people!): I’ve been busy birthing its new baby, NewTeeVee Station, a spinoff of online video reviews from

NewTeeVee Station is your guide to online video, pointing you to hot new memes, following the emerging stars of the web, and just generally indexing this new entertainment medium. Whereas in the past we covered online video shows like Ask a Ninja, Obama Girl and Wallstrip from a business perspective, now we’re also reviewing content for content’s sake.

NTV Station features editorial reviews of online videos written by a team led by Liz Shannon Miller, who comes to us from Variety and the Daily Reel. We eliminate the static and bring to you videos that are actually good — but also the stuff that’s so bad it has everyone talking. We’ve also developed a database of cast, crew, and other details to map out the expanding web video universe. We encourage our readers to become part of the editorial process by adding their own reviews, comments and ratings (and, going forward, user editing will be a much larger part of the site). You’re also welcome to get lost in our eight channels of the most memorable comedy, commercials, drama, music, news & talk, personalities, reality and zeitgeist picks.

When you visit the front page of NTV Station, you’ll see in one glance what’s hot at that very moment. Our editors monitor the online video universe and refresh the site with new videos throughout the day. A special widget developed using the VodPod API allows you to scroll through all of our past video picks.

Thank you so much to Liz Shannon Miller, Chancey Mathews, Joey Wan, Kyle Johnson, Chris Albrecht, Craig Rubens, Om Malik, Carolyn Pritchard, Celeste LeCompte, the rest of the GigaOM team and the folks at Automattic and VodPod.

To get you started, here are some awesome never-seen-before reviews of the best of online video written just for NewTeeVee Station: Back Dorm Boys, HappySlip, Here It Goes Again, Star Wars Kid, What the Buck, Will It Blend?, Psycho Bob, Drunk History, iPhone Diary, Diggnation, Numa Numa, Dramatic Look, You Suck at Photoshop, House of Cosbys, Dick in a Box, Soulja Boy, Diet Coke and Mentos, and many more. Don’t like our take? Add your own.

Please do check it out and let us know what you think. This is very much the first version of a work in progress, and we are happy to incorporate your feedback.