The 3G iPhone Almost Real…on July 11

Steve Jobs at WWDC 2008 Photo Courtesy of Engadget

OK guys, instead of liveblogging the event, we are standing in line to buy the new iPhone, which went totally “real” a little while ago, according to a blog post by our buddies at Engadget and Gizmodo. But the company says no new iPhones till July 11, which is kind of a bummer. Here are some features:

* It is 3G
* Has a plastic back and thinner edges.
* The speed improvement over other 3G phones is 36 percent.
* 300 hours of standby, 5 hours of 3G Talk, 8 hours of 2G talk time. Seven hours of video and a day of audio. (I will believe it when I see it, for Apple makes some wild-ass claims about battery life that are just flat-out wrong. P-o-s Macbook Air is a case in point.)
* Geolocation’s Cadillac. I love this feature and can’t wait for the location-based revolution it will unleash, extending the good work of the folks at Nokia.
* It seems they’re still using the same processor, and the same kind of video-processing unit as they did with the original device. I wonder why that is?

Bonus link: Slim Pickings For Web Workers: WebWorkerDaily. They are rightfully underwhelmed, and after all the hype, so am I. What’s the point of not having the phone available on the day you announce it? All iPhone related news is not worth it, unless you can test it. Of course you can do press release rewrites….

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Jobs photo courtesy of Engadget and their live blog coverage and extensive array of photos.