Enphase Energy Starts Selling Its Solar Inverters

Enphase Energy, a startup that has been developing solar management systems with a network of distributed inverters, says its solar inverter setup is now commercially available. That means the company, which announced it had raised $6.5 million at the end of January, has started selling its inverter system to solar installers that build solar systems for both businesses and residential homes. Inverters convert solar power from DC to AC so that it can be used in standard household circuits.

While the company is doing its first shout-out about the availability of its product, Enphase’s CEO Paul Nahi tells us that the company has actually already tested its system with 1,000 or so users. Enphase also says that its distributed micro-inverter system can deliver a more reliable, more efficient, and lower cost solar setup, and that distributed solar systems are more efficient than a centralized system in general; a distributed solar inverter system can increase energy harvest by a range of 13 percent to 15 percent, according to the company.

Enphase’s Nahi says this distributed micro inverter system is the future of solar. “This is a huge change for the solar industry and we are the only micro-inverter company around,” Nahi says. We haven’t heard of many other companies claiming a lead in micro-inverters, and we’ll watch and see if the solar industry is heading in this direction.