HP revives the VooDoo

Voodoo_envy_black__frontopen_dynamiI saved the best HP news for last, actually I had to get some sleep.  πŸ™‚  HP today is announcing the rebirth of the VooDoo line and the most exciting result of that is definitely the VooDoo Envy notebook.  The Envy is just .7 inch thick making it thinner than the MacBook Air at its thickest point but it packs some serious wallop in that thin case.  No doubt the anti-glossy crowd will be up in arms as the Envy comes in either white or black high-gloss but unlike the MacBook Air the battery is user swappable.

The Envy runs Windows but has a Linux-based mode that lets the user boot the device up quickly to do web work and the like without firing up Windows, very Splashtop-like.  Major features of the Envy:

β€’    Voodoo Aura PowerConnect – establishes a one-to-one wireless connection between the Envy 133 notebook and an Ethernet connector located on the power supply, allowing users to roam free from the wired connection.
β€’    Multiple gesture touchpad – more than a standard touchpad, the Envy 133 also provides capabilities such as a circular gesture called chiral scroll and pinch options.
β€’    Durability – the carbon fibre casing and fused composite glass covering the display provide surprising strength and durability.
β€’    External optical disk drive – an ID-coordinated external eSATA optical drive is included with every unit.
β€’    Professional backlit keyboard – reminiscent of old-school tactile desktop keyboards with just enough β€œclick” to get even the most die-hard tech enthusiast smiling.
β€’    Ports – extensive usability via a variety of I/O ports, including headphone/microphone, HDMI, USB 2.0 (1x) and a shared e-SATA/USB (1x).

The Envy starts at $2,099 but hey, if you have to have one you have to have one.