iPhone: Does 3G Matter to You?

ScreenshotWhen I see folks like AT&T Mobility’s CEO say the iPhone “totally and completely mobilizes your data” now that it’s 3G-capable, I know we’re not quite living in the same world. Ralph de la Vega may view 3G as a ubiquitous technology, but spending a few minutes with the AT&T Coverage Viewer will convince you otherwise. Here in Evansville – 300,000 people – it would take hours for me to drive to the nearest 3G coverage. Overall, AT&T 3G is only in about 200 cities nationwide.

If you’re in one of those major metro areas, this won’t be an issue. But there are plenty of web workers who have moved to one of the empty spots on the map to improve their quality of life. Personally, I like the “work anywhere” face of web work and the freedom it gives me. A dependency on a tool that only works in highly populated areas doesn’t attract me. How about you?