BatchBook Adds BatchBox Email Forwarding

BatchBook LogoFor a lot of us, email is still the lifeblood of our communication so its integration with our other systems is critical. Earlier I reported on Mailmanagr and how it brings email integration to Basecamp. Today I get to report on BatchBook, my contact management app of choice, and the introduction of what they are calling BatchBox.

BatchBox is an email interface into BatchBook that will automatically store forwarded content as a communication entry attached to your contact, and even create a new contact if necessary. It even retains attachments. This sort of functionality has been present in other Contact Management apps so their implementation isn’t necessarily revolutionary, but its inclusion fills a gap in their feature set that makes an already useful service that much more so.

BatchBook ContactAlso new is the ability to create new communication entries and to-do items from on a contact’s page. It’s a small touch but this integration goes a long way to make for easier workflow and usability.

BatchBook sits along with other services like Highrise as a Contact and Communication manager, recognizing not only the importance of tracking contact information but also integrating CRM functionality to keep a record of who you talked to, what you talked about and when.

Where I think BatchBook excels, and the main reason I chose it over the others for my use is their inclusion of what they call SuperTags. BatchBook SuperTagsSuperTags are grouped custom fields that allow you to collect and track additional data about your contacts.

Group folks together with a SuperTag and then you can gather more specific information you might need about that group. Track different information for vendors, customers, employees. A contact not assigned a SuperTag won’t display the fields. It’s very customizable, very powerful, and very cool.

Another standout is their affiliation system. This allows you to link contacts together in creative ways. Track siblings, spouses, referrals, really any connection can be accommodated.

Other features include an iPhone friendly interface, batch processing of contacts, SSL security at all plan levels, multiple location tracking and even label printing. Data is easily imported and exported for use in other programs or services.

BatchBook also integrates to-do functionality that, while not a replacement for a full service like Toodledo or Remember The Milk, is sufficient for follow up tasks and items tied to your contacts.

Finding the contact management system that works for you can be daunting, and lead to great debate, but I have certainly found BatchBook to be a worthy contender. Updates and improvements seem frequent and support in the user forums is quick and friendly.

BatchBook is a monthly subscription service with plans starting at a no-nag free up to a $99 Indigo plan which offers unlimited contacts, storage and users. All paid accounts get two free hours of one-on-one consultation to help you get started. Check out a demo and scan their offerings.

Have you chosen a Contact Management App for you and your business? Would BatchBook work for you?