How to dual boot Linux & XP on the Eee 900

AsuseeepcbootWith a limited 4 GB of SSD memory on my Asus Eee PC 701, I can generally only have one operating system at a time installed. Sure, I could boot XP from an SD card or something, but I’m talking about having more than one OS installed in the main storage area. The next generation Eee PCs, the 900- and 1000- series have a little more breathing room when it comes to storage thanks to 12- and 20-GB capacities.

The folks over at PC Magazine just put together a fantastic step-by-step tutorial showing how to set up a dual-boot Eee PC for Linux and Windows XP on the 900 model. The same steps should generally apply if you grab a 1000 Eee PC too. You’ll need an optical drive, an XP disk (duh!), and the Asus support disk that’s included with your Eee… gotta have all the drivers, you know! If you’ve never ventured into dual-boot territory, it’s not as daunting as you think and with a well-documented guide like this, even most novices can get through it. Look at it this way: if the process fails, you can just factory restore your Eee PC in 90 seconds and you’re back to where you started!