OStatic: Six Free, Open Source Tools for Mac Video Work

The Mac is storied for its ability to handle video, and many web workers are increasingly involved with video editing, using video for marketing purposes, and more. If you’re a Mac user who meets the profile, you probably already own some good video editing and production software. However, there are some really excellent free, open source tools for Mac videographers worth knowing about. We’re covering six of them over on the OStatic blog, dedicated to open source.

Some of the video applications covered in the link above are time-savers, some of them can broadly expand your arsenal of video capabilities, and some of them can help you reach new audiences. Here’s a little more info, below the fold.

Celtx is free, open source software, available in a Mac version, for multimedia pre-production work. It’s especially good for creating storyboards.

Simple Theora Encoder is especially good for encoding video in multiple formats. You can encode in multiple formats in one step, too, which is handy.

Blender is one of the best known open source programs for doing animation, 3D modeling and creating engaging characters that can be incorporated in videos. Entire long-form animated movies have been created in Blender.

For more on these three tools, and three more free, open source applications to add to your video tools collection, check out the story on OStatic.