Google Makes Mobile Search Faster, Sort Of

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) is making a pretty big deal out of this. It wrote on its blog this morning that they “are obsessed with making your mobile search experience as fast as possible,” so, they updated their mobile homepage to load much faster. They did this by allowing to cache in the browser, so that when you return a second time, it loads almost instantly. I tried it out on my Blackberry Curve, and sure enough, the second time I loaded the search page, it was much faster. And although, this is nice, it’s not the page loading that drives me nuts. It’s the actual search process that takes a long time, and that’s not getting any faster. Besides, I hardly ever go to in my browser since I have a standalone widget for it on my phone. Of possibly more consequence, Google also announced today a new iGoogle interface for mobile that provides you with an easier way to set up your mobile iGoogle page from a desktop computer. For instance, if weather and news are the most important items to you when you are on the go, you can drag and drop these gadgets to the top of your page. In addition, you can now read article summaries by clicking on “More” on any RSS feed.