Earth2Tech Week in Review

The Earth2Tech team was operating on both coasts this week, keeping track of the doings inside the Beltway as well as in the Valley. In case you were also jet setting this week we’ve gathered the most important headlines from this week’s cleantech news for you here.

SF Passes Largest City Solar Program in U.S. (Finally): After months of politicking and numerous debates by the city board, the San Francisco board of supervisors has authorized the largest municipal solar incentive program in the country with an annual budget of $3 million over 10 years.

Shai Agassi on How to Electrify America’s Cars Agassi is convinced America’s auto fleet can use his battery swapping infrastructure because the sprawling and interconnected urban centers all along our coasts will make placement easy and convenient.

Cost Estimates of T. Boone’s Colossal Wind Farm Keep Rising: The cost of T. Boone Pickens’ wind farm, slated to be the world’s largest, keeps going up. First we heard $6 billion, then $10 billion and now most recently $12 billion. Transmission lines and rising construction costs are hitting wind projects hard.

Gasp! Car Companies Dominating Cleantech Patents: The Clean Energy Patent Growth Index for Q1 2008 shows that Detroit automakers, not Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, are dominating the intellectual property side of the cleantech revolution.

Google to Invest in Green Cars This Summer: Expanding its investments in cleantech, announced that it’s plug-in electric car program, RechargeIT, will be announcing investments in several ventures this summer with the goal to make plug-in electric cars a reality.