Weekend Vid Picks: Highlights of Internet Week

The unplanned concurrence of NewTeeVee Station‘s launch and the first-ever New York Internet Week made for a pretty hectic few days, but I was still able to partake in some of the week’s festivities. Consider this Vid Picks a travel document of what you missed.

The big fun on Saturday was at NewTeeVee correspondent Steve Bryant’s Wiimbledon, a fast-paced Wii Tennis challenge held at the uber-cool Barcade in Brooklyn, and a perfect way to dive into 4 straight days of geekery. Lots of cameras circulated at the event, but the best round-up was definitely by the gentlemen at Bush League.tv, who interviewed the finalists and did a great job of capturing the furious action:

Sunday night Gannes and I took a break from double-checking NTVS show pages to check out the Next New Networks/Tumblr Rock Band party. While our attempts to get streaming video were somewhat successful, we sadly had to leave early. You should imagine, though, that if we had gotten a chance to play, it would have looked something like this:

Monday, the Film & Video Awards were an intense but fun two hours. If you’re interested in seeing Judah Friedlander’s 20-year-old super-gross short film, Aaron Acne And His Uncomfortably Colossal Zit, it’s available at Judah Friedlander’s website — it won’t embed, but maybe that’s for the best.

Perhaps because they serve food during the Webbys Gala event on Tuesday, the videos screened that evening were a lot more tame. BarelyPolitical’s Incredible McCain Girl premiered and fell a little flat — possibly because people were expecting another music video, not a trailer parody hybrid:

But VH1’s Best Week Ever produced a special Internet Week clip reviewing recent web video memes like Corey Worthington that was full of hilarity. And the Onion News Network proved why they won approximately twenty thousand Webbys this year with this delicious piece about the upcoming World of World of Warcraft:

And the perfect capper to the evening? Despite our concerns that Stephen Colbert wouldn’t make it, he swept in at the last minute to accept his Webby:

If I had to describe my Internet Week in five words or less? Magical merriment, not much sleep. Thanks to the New York technorati for organizing a great time. Next year, we’ll make sure not to launch new sites the same week.