Rocketmail Returns as Yahoo! Offers Two New Email Domains

img mail yahooHave you had to settle for an email address that you just don’t like? Perhaps one incorporating your name or nickname with a string of random numbers at the end. If so, Yahoo! comes to your rescue as they announce the availability of two new domain choices for your email needs.

Actually it’s one new domain at, and the resurrection of an old classic with the renewed availability of addresses. For those unfamiliar, Rocketmail was a leader in the web based email market before being acquired by Yahoo in the late 90’s.  An address might hold sentimental value for some users and it’s great to see them being released back to general availability.

In conjunction with this announcement, Yahoo! also released some interesting statistics from a survey they commissioned. It seems that having a personalized and meaningful email address is important to many folks.

“Of online adults who indicated that they are not currently using their first choice email address, over half (54%) agree that they want their email address to reflect who they are, and about half (48%) would be at least somewhat likely to change addresses should their preferred choice become available.”

If that sounds like you, head on over to or later today to register your new address.  Accounts are free and give you all the same features and access to Yahoo! services that you would get with a address or ID.

Are you happy with your email address? Would you trade up if you could get the address you really wanted.