OleOle UGC Soccer Site Acquires Eight More Fan Blogs

OleOle, the Beverly Hills-based soccer community that’s trying to get fans to write the editorial, has followed its recent acquisition of the Arseblog Arsenal weblog by buying eight more independent football fan blogs. The site has snapped up The Lord of the Wing (Celtic), Chelseablog, Harry Hotspur, Fans del Real Madrid, Real Madrid Talk and Boca Juniors Fans, plus wallpapers sites Soccer-Art.co.uk and Football-Spot.

The acquisition prices aren’t disclosed but are likely small or even nil – the carrot for the sites is more visibility that has been promised by OleOle. Each is moving to oleole.com. The Lord of the Wing wrote: “It was an oppertunity I couldnae miss.” It’s certainly a risk – many of the bloggers have spent years cultivating a club-specific audience on their independent sites; will those readers want to be part of a larger football chat universe?

Started in 2006 by secondary ticketing veteran Doug Knittle, OleOle