Domo Arigato Lady Roboto

For all those times when smooching a Slave Princess Leia action figure just doesn’t cut it, Sega is rolling out a line of 15-inch robot girlfriends that will kiss on command.

The Eternal Maiden Actualization (EMA) will enter into “love mode” and plant one on your face when you lean in for a tiny plastic kiss. EMA will also dance, hand out business cards, and serve as a battery-operated reminder to everyone who owns one that they are lonely, lonely people.

EMA will go on sale in September, and Sega Toys, which makes the doll robot hopes to sell 10,000 of them in its first year.

I never like to buy the first generation of any tech product, so I’ll wait for EMA 2.0, which replicates the girlfriend experience even more by giving you a kiss, then pausing and looking at you. You ask her what’s wrong, she says, “Nothing.” You ask if it was something you did but she just sits there, crosses her robot arms and says, “It’s fine.” You say obviously she’s not fine, to which she responds with, “I’m fine. Whatever. Nothing’s wrong. Let’s just go.” And you say no, let’s talk about it, and she says, “We’re late, let’s just go this party and we can talk about it later,” ruining your whole evening as you try to figure out what exactly you said and — oh. Wait.

Whoops. Kinda drifted off there for a second.

(Image courtesy of Sega press release via CrunchGear.)