JVC’s NX-PN7 causes iPod multiple personality disorder


Has the "single iPod" owner market for accessories dried up already? You’d think so with JVC’s newest product. The NX-PN7 caters to folks with two iPods, iPhones, or one of each. This is among the first accessories I’ve seen where you can dock two Apple digital audio players at one time. Listing for $149.95, you get 7.5 watts per channel for your players and either one (or both) get charged while docked. The 5.8-pound device also includes an integrated AM/FM tuner, which would never get any use at our house: it’s satellite radio through the "butt-ugly boombox" or streaming Internet radio when we’re not using an iPod.

Based on the picture from JVC, I wonder how many iPods and iPhones will suffer from mulitple personality disorder? One day the device is named "iPod A" and the next it could be "iPod B"…