Parallels Poker: double-up with two additional licenses at $20 each

ParallelslogoJust got an e-mail that’s too good to keep to myself. And if you like this one, I’ve got a few thousand more in my Junk Mail I can send your way. 😉 I’m kidding, this one is worth it if you’ve been holding back on another Parallels license for your Mac. Or Macs (plural), as the case may be.

You can grab a two-pack of Parallels Desktop 3.0 licenses for $39.99, which is a huge savings. A single client license normally retails for $79.99 direct, although you’re sure to find better deals than that if you shop online. Still: $20 a pop? I don’t think that can be beat. July 6th is the last day for this deal. I should point out that I never upgraded my Parallels license from the 2.x version and the e-mail says that the deal is for folks who previously purchased Parallels Desktop 3.0. I’m not one of them, but I was able to add the deal to my cart, so who knows? And what’s with all of the multiple Apple deals today… this deal is optimal for a three Mac household, while JVC’s new product works for homes with two iPods.