QuikMaps brings ink, annotations to maps


I love using Google Maps now that you can easily drag the routes for easy customizations. I see some upside for QuikMaps too though. It brings ink & annotations to non-Tablet PCs using the traditional mouse. Granted, an active digitizer and pen will beat a mouse hands down nearly every time, but for casual notes or callouts on a map, this service looks pretty handy. If you want to use the scribbling feature for high level items, the text label function can be used to insert detailed typewritten information. Drag-and-drop markers are also available for placement and you can add text to those as well. Mobility Site thinks this is a nice tool for Tablet PC and UMPC owners, but with the non-ink tools, I think everyone can benefit… pen or no pen. While you can’t get directions from QuikMaps, you can save your maps and post them on a website, send a link to your map, view it on Google Earth or save the data as GFX for your GPS device.