TV Today FY08 Net Profit Up 40%; ‘New Media’ Absent From Results

The TV Today Network, part of the Living Media Group, announced a 40% jump in its net profit for FY08. TV Today runs news channels Aaj Tak (and a Delhi version of the same), Headlines Today and Tez. The importance of Aaj Tak to the overall network is so skewed that even investor information on the website is hosted under the brand’s domain. Net profit rose from Rs 31.10 crores in FY07 to Rs 43.56 crores in FY08 whereas total income rose 24.19% from Rs 202.45 (FY07) to Rs 251.43 (FY08). Other income, which one would assume for lack of a separate heading, would constitute new media revenue amongst other revenues, rose 50% from Rs 13.54 Crores to Rs 20.38 Crores (FY08). Audited results here.