STRUCTURE 08: Anagran Founder Lawrence Roberts Fights P2P

Dr. Lawrence G. Roberts, AnagranLawrence Roberts, the founder of Anagran and a chief architect of the foundations of the Internet, has a mission: help control P2P file-sharing traffic, which makes up a massive 80 percent of Internet traffic, he says. “There are a lot of inequities in the current Internet system. . . . P2P isn’t the most efficient way to do things”

But as companies like his help us start to control the situation, Roberts says we should see the P2P hogs dying down over the next few years. That will allow for other services to have a better response time, and normal traffic will have more growth over 2 to 3 years.

It’s not only unfair, it’s very inefficient and inexpensive. A cheaper way for the world is to have clouds deliver video bandwidth.

Until then, unfairness exists in the Internet, says Roberts. “Five percent of users receive 80 percent of capacity,” and “1000 broadband users typically share 180 Mbps.”

Anagran traffic chart