BigAdda Launches Mobile Blogging Application With Big B(eta)

Its hard to resist a headline like that. Reliance ADAG’s love affair with the Bachchan’s continues, this time in the form a mobile blogging application called MoBlog developed especially for Amitabh Bachchan. The re-designed blog features a mobile shaped left navigation featuring twitter-esque updates from Big B (or possibly his driver). Its 9:44pm as I write this and Big B is supposedly at a music release as per an update at 7:29pm. Going by the traction the blog has seen, I am guessing there would be quite a few takers for daily feed updates via SMS on mobile. Besides I quite like the dual approach of combining tweets with full length posts on a single page, combining quick updates with more detailed entries. Considering parent ADAG’s Rs 1000 crore deal with the Bachchans for multi-platform rights, wouldn’t be long till the entire family is giving updates on whereabouts and thoughts to a dedicated subscriber base.