InGameNow Launches A Twitter-Like Experience For Sports Fans

imageTwitter is for the masses. It’s a site where anyone can talk about anything, as long as it takes less than 140 characters. But now, it appears the next evolution of micro-blogging is to create niche verticals where only certain topics are discussed. San Francisco-based InGameNow is doing just that by launching a public release today, just in time for today’s NBA Draft. The sports community enables fans to access basic things like real-time sports scores and news, but also banter and gossip that they can get directly from fans. The site has been live for a while, and is now hooked up to Google’s (NSDQ: GOOG) Gtalk, AIM and email, so users can receive real-time sports information. President Ryan Spoon said: “Considering the rise of Twitter, I think InGameNow is relevant because we are a vertical-focused micro-messaging site; and to me, I think Twitter is most compelling within events. We are clearly focused on in-game sports discussion and scores.” In addition, the company said it has raised $50,000 in capital from the InGameNow team (made up of four ex-eBay (NSDQ: EBAY) employees).