Sleep When You’re Dead, Watch Video Instead

People will spend as much time consuming video-based entertainment as they do sleeping by 2013, according to a new study (PDF) from Solutions Research Group. But, the bells continue to toll for oldteevee as its share of that time will shrink.

SRG reports that currently American consumers over the age of 12 with Internet access spend 6.1 hours a day with some kind of video entertainment (guess Forrester Research’s concept of “OmniVideo” is already here). And while oldteevee accounts for 63.9 percent of those hours across the entire group, the young ‘uns are watching elsewhere, with oldteevee accounting for just 42.4 percent of video time for those aged 12 – 24.

Even worse for oldteevee, though the total number of hours consuming video-based entertainment across platforms will hit 8 hours a day (the same amount of time the average American spends snoozing), time spent with traditional TV’s will remain stalled at roughly 4 hours a day, with its overall share shrinking from 63.9 percent to 47.1 percent by 2013 as mobile devices and online video play a greater role.