Unusual Web Work: EveryScape Ambassador

ScreenshotPerhaps the easiest way to describe EveryScape‘s business plan is “Google Street View, only more so.” When you visit one of their sites, such as their Boston page, you can drive around and see the city in a 360-degree panning window. But you can also enter buildings and see what’s inside – places like the Paul Revere House or the original Cheers.

Right now, Everyscape only covers a dozen or so cities, and that’s where the job opportunity comes in. If you live in one of the cities that’s next on their plan, you can apply to be an “Everyscape Ambassador” – someone who drives around with the appropriate fancy equipment, taking the images to be digitized. This requires a team of two and pays on a per-mile basis – supposedly high enough to be a full-time job. Certainly it would be different from the usual run of web design, coding, and virtual assistant work!