Women’s Health Online Offshoot Offers ‘Flat, Sexy Abs’ For $3.50 A Week

imageA lot of companies starting websites in the womens’ and health areas are aiming primarily on attracting ad dollars. But the established Women’s Health is betting that it can keep most of the content on its site free and attract subscription readers willing to pay a little more for extra advice on weight loss and eating right. The new site, called Fit Coach, will cost users $3.50 a week after a 30-day free trial, Folio Reports.

The site is ad-free, at least for now, though Rodale-owned Women’s Health is looking at sponsorships. As for the weekly price of $3.50, members cannot cancel on a week-to-week basis; they have to agree to a three-month commitment for $42 and can then decide whether to continue month-to-month at $14 for four weeks. For that, they’ll get a personal workout program and nutrition recommendations.