Beginning Mac: Find and Email a Photo in My iPhoto Library

My very frustrated wife called me today to ask how to send a photo that she had imported to iPhoto ’08. She was frustrated that she couldn’t find the actual file so she could attach it to an email. The iPhoto Library sits on our external drive (you can choose where your library is located by holding down alt/option while opening iPhoto). This is what she got when she tried to find the photo she wanted to send:

She understood that her photos were in the iPhoto Library because it was such a large file. I told her to right-click the iPhoto library and select “Show Package Contents,” which is what you could do if you were just in Finder. But you can’t do that when you are trying to attach a photo to your Gmail message.

The easiest way to do it is also the most intuitive. When you have the “Open” dialogue box open, simply drag the photo from your iPhoto library to that box, and it will guide you to that event’s folder, and select the image that you dragged to the dialogue box.

After you do this, you can click “Open” and it will attach to your message.

If you are using, you can just drag a photo to the application icon and it will create a new message with that picture attached. If the message is already open, you simply drag the pictures you want to attach to the message window, and it will attach them.