Meet Tech Teentrepreneur Daniel Brusilovsky

Dropping out of college to launch your own company? Yawn. The real startup action is in the halls of your local high school. Case in point: Daniel Brusilovsky, the 15-year-old founder and CEO (yes, the CEO) of

Brusilovsky was easy to spot at our recent Structure 08 conference — he was the only one who needed his parents to pick him up from the event. But don’t let his age fool you; he’s got the executive lingo down pat. He’s raising his first round of funding, meeting with lawyers, and name-dropping the likes of Loic Le Meur and Robert Scoble (both of whom are on his board). Oh, and when he’s not CEO’ing, Brusilovsky is crashing industry events as an evangelist for mobile vidcasting service Qik.

So adept at startup-speak was Brusilovsky that my only surprise was that he didn’t mention who he’s in talks with to acquire his (not-quite existing) company or that he’s on the waiting list to buy a new Tesla (once he gets his driver’s license, that is).

Brusilovsky is similar to another teentrepreneur on the other side of the camera, 14-year-old Lucas Cruikshank, who’s high-pitched “Fred” videos not only dominate YouTube but have pulled in a five-figure sponsor.

Teens in Tech will be a community for kids who typically get kicked off other new media outlets for being too young to create and share their work. Brusilovsky was nice enough to chat for a few minutes at Structure about his company.

Get to know him now. After all, you could be working for him someday.